Sisu is a Finnish word which stands for determination, resilience and grit. Sisu is about displaying courage and taking action against the odds.

At SISU, we put an emphasis on lasting craftsmanship and timeless design in our timepieces. Each watch we craft embodies the bold, courageous, resolute and persevering spirit that we find so admirable.

We realized from the beginning that the world did not need another watch but we felt that the wristwatch is more than a tool … it can be a statement … of style, attitude and even character. Our reason for being is to offer the world a bold timepiece that transcends mere performance and function, to bringing you a hunk of art, a stylish sculpture for your wrist… that also happens to tell great time.” — Todd Jacobs Co-Founder

About SISU

SISU is a company that chooses to inspire our audience not only with our product but also by aligning with those who inspire us and personify that which is SISU … the bold, courageous spirit that we find so admirable. We are interested in those who display an uncompromising dedication to achieving excellence in their craft while at the same time displaying a high degree of integrity, sportsmanship and compassion. Just as we strive to create bold, authentic and timeless designs, we also look for those same qualities in our audience…people who not only excel at their craft but also create a living legacy that inspires others to embrace the same ideals. This is how we define our culture.

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