When buying a luxury watch, you are making a statement.  Your luxury watch says more about who you are than the time where you are.  As watch aficionados, we strive to make high quality timepieces that will last a lifetime.


Here are the top five things for a watch connoisseur to look for in a luxury watch brand.


  1. Sweeping Mechanical Movement

A watch movement is the mechanism that moves the hands accurately as time passes. A quality watch does much more than tell time, but accuracy is nevertheless important!  

Watches “tick” using one of two techniques, the sweeping motion of a mechanical movement, or the individual ticks of a quartz movement.  Typically, luxury watch brands use mechanical movement.

A watch may look simple, but the difference between a regular watch and a luxury watch is all in the movement.

A quartz movement watch moves just once per second, from one watch tick to the other.  However, as time passes on a high quality watch using mechanical movement, the seconds pass with a sweeping tick-tick motion.  While a quartz movement uses a battery to power a watch, a luxury watch typically harnesses the energy of a wound spring to power the watch using mechanical movement. Rather than using a simple battery, sweeping mechanical movement requires expert watchmakers must make sure time is accurately calibrated on a watch using mechanical movement.  While this may look simple, a luxury watch harnesses the energy of a wound spring to transfer energy through a series of gears and springs to regulate the watch accurately.


  1. Swiss Movement Watch
    A Swiss Movement watch is a great choice when choosing a luxury watch brand.  Switzerland is known for making high quality movements, that meet strict quality standards.  

In order for  a luxury watch brand to be a Swiss Movement watch, it must meet the following criteria: a) it has a Swiss Movement, b) its movement is cased up in Switzerland, and c) the manufacturer’s final inspection is in Switzerland.

A Swiss movement is a top element for most luxury timepieces.


  1. Quality Case Finishes

A watch finishing is an essential part of a quality luxury watch.  The watch finishing is the decorative touch added to a watch that makes it visually appealing and enjoyable to wear.  A quality watch finishing is also important to look for in a quality luxury watch brand.

A watch has an external finish, what you see, but also an internal finish, that makes the internal workings of a watch quality and worthy of the luxury watch brand name.  Good quality finish can protect the internal workings of a luxury watch, including: protecting the watch from corrosion and trapping unwanted dust. A luxury watch must have quality finishes made with high quality metal. The use of a high quality metal is essential as a cheaper metal without the proper coating will begin to peel or wear off with use.  When choosing your luxury watch, always pay close attention to the metal used as well as the process used to make the watch.

At SISU, we use surgical grade 316L PVD coated stainless steel made with a precision machine sculpted process.


  1. Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating

When buying a luxury watch, the last thing you want is glare getting in the way of your timekeeping!

Anti reflective coating (AR coating) is optical coating applied to the lens of a watch to reduce reflection and improve the watch’s efficiency since less light is lost.  Anti Reflective coating on watch crystal can be applied both on the front and rear of a crystal. This is very similar to AR coating on glasses which is always a must have! Most luxury watch brands will specify the type of AR coating being used and whether it is full AR coating or not.

Sapphire crystal is the highest quality material used for luxury watch brands.  Sapphire crystal is a lab-made glass created specifically to protect a luxury watch.  Sapphire crystal has a much higher scratch resistance and resistance to fracture than mineral glass.

All SISU timepieces are shielded by an anti-reflective pure sapphire crystal, the hardest most scratch-resistant lens material used in the world of fine watchmaking!


  1. History of Quality Craftsmanship
    A luxury watch tells time, but it also tells a story.  A watch brand’s history of craftsmanship shows a luxury watch brand buyer that the company has stood the test of time, and they have and will continue to produce a quality product.