A Timeless Piece to Remember

A Timeless Piece to Remember

The timepiece you own might have fallen short. Watches, they each have a unique personality to them, and only a few of them can make bold, forceful statements. Masculinity is what defines SISU Swiss made watches. The high standard of Swiss factories were built into these wristwatches for a reason. One look is all it takes. Their stand-out appeal had to then operate with mastery and precision. This is what “Swiss made” essentially means. 

The standard of a Swiss factory lives up to the laws that Switzerland brought into the world. Still, luxury watches must do more than tell time. There’s a certain feel to search for, and even when standing far off, a good watch should catch someone’s eye. Breaking the boundaries, setting the mold and wielding top quality is what SISU has done. You won’t be afraid of using a SISU luxury timepiece in the real world.

We want every watch collector to wear the rugged, utilitarian look of the watches to follow. 

Why We’re Inspired by a Good Wristwatch

We like to look good. We want something that can resist the elements: something that we don’t have to take off. It’s agreeable; a good piece should be worn whenever possible, so the inspiration of SISU Swiss made watches has to be considered. Metals, leathers and polished lenses are only parts of the custom ensemble. Design is what makes these watches something to talk about. 

What is a Good Wristwatch?

A good timepiece is something that attracts you. You’ve got to enjoy what you wear, but telling time is also a difficult science to cover. It’s easy to overlook the parts of an internal movement. Though it doesn’t sound like it holds the gears, jewels and mainspring, a “movement” is a casing of pieces that makes time tick. Keeping every beat in sync requires precision, and that alignment can’t be taken for granted. Did you know that a subpar watch will lose its accuracy? 

Such models tick off beat due to the simple act of wearing them. Don’t expect that type of performance from SISU. These luxury watches only leave the Swiss factory once their movements are approved. A rigorous, detailed analysis is completed for each wristwatch, and this is something that you want. People love the look, the weight and the masculine persona, but SISU is also tested by the highest standards that we know. 

Pushing the Boundaries in Watch Design

Timepieces that have dynamic can simply do more. The “luxury timepiece” has become limited due to common standards and public opinion. You, you’re a watch collector who wants to do more than look at time. You’ll not only tell the time with SISU. You can also take them on wild adventures with you. 

- Functional and Utilitarian
With SISU, only the best iron ore is forged into steel. Some won’t immediately see. The steel casing of each model is about durability. The brushed surface creates a unique shimmer that quickly catches the eye. Wearing a CARBURETOR Q4-50, for example, reveals even more. It’s its heavy weight. This model was made rugged. It can sit in a casual or formal setting. You can then keep it on as you’re driving a boat over water. 

- Masculine and Personal
Let’s say it up front. These pieces are made for men; they’re usually cut as a 55mm-diameter face, and this makes them among the largest faces that mankind has ever made. The brand has a special, octagon cut that you’ll find on each bezel. This shape breaks up the common, circular-bezel look that we often see. Breaking up those “common lines” creates a more-masculine appeal that just might fit the look you need. 

- Sculpted Bracelets 
Bracelets are metal links that secure a watch to your wrist. A bracelet needs to be durable, flexible and light on the forearm. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll find special, useful bracelets with a bit of style. Let’s start with the Guardian and the Bravado together. These are two models that we won’t forget. What immediately comes to mind are their deployment clasps, brushed stainless-steel bands and proprietary-link patterns. 

- Bold, Clean Dials
The dial of a wristwatch is where the numbers and design features sit. This piece is what covers up the inner gears. Some models have a skeletal feature that reveals the inside movement ticking away. In staying in line with bold, masculine statements, these dials use large, undeniable numbers with three, six, nine and 12 as the central pieces. The surrounding numbers are then drawn in as creative shapes instead of numerals. 

Precision, Craftsmanship and Swiss Gears

Craftsmanship is why some wristwatches never leave the box. It’s understandable; the work, the parts and the calibration put into each model can be priceless. This is why SISU has a stamp of approval from the Swiss government. It’s not an easy feat to become Swiss approved. It’s the luxury materials that then make the ultimate difference. From standing up to the wear and tear of daily use to being suitable for the outdoors, these wristwatches are flexible. 

- Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel
This is also known as Marine steel. The reason why is its resistance. Besides being strong and durable, surgical-grade steel doesn’t tarnish. It’s called surgical steel because only a specially treated steel can be used for medical sciences. Since surgery patients have allergies to some compounds, surgical steel is used to eliminate negative reactions in the skin. Small cuts and abrasions won’t turn into larger irritations. 

- Swiss-Made Movement
Consider a watch that doesn’t need its battery to be changed. This is what a Swiss-made-automatic movement enables. Automatic winding is achieved through counterweights that are built into the ticking gears of the watch. The “mainspring” is what we need to focus on. With it, the watch winds and then keeps on ticking. It operates off of the residual pressure that is released once the tension in the spring is let go. 

An automatic watch, like those made by SISU, transfers the force of counterweights into the mainspring. As long as you wear the watch, you’ll never have to use batteries. 

- Gorgeous-Sapphire Crystal
Protecting the dial of a watch keeps the entire face shining and showing time. With the use of sapphire crystal, you’ll be confident that nothing inside will fall out. It’s true; this crystal is resistive to the elements. It allows your wristwatch to stay waterproof, to remain scratch resistance and to look clean regardless of the oils from your hands.